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"Latest Happenins- My First Maverick Adventurer Article..."

Hiya Folks!

As many of you know I am a writer as well as all the other silly crap I do. Well, I found an outlet and I have finally started getting some articles going. This is the first in a series. This site gets a LOT of traffic and I will be syndicating my articles to other sites as well outside of the Anime world; travel, food, etc. So it's a start. WOOT! (I'm still not exactly sure what "woot" really means, but it seems to fit)
Many of you have been a part of my adventures so thank you and let's have more soon!

Also, check out the latest line up of awesomely fun people I will be hanging with this week as I spend St. Paddy's Day appearing at C2E2 in Chicago! New friends galore. DOUBLE WOOT! (I'm geeking out a little over Rick Bayless, and the Ghost Hunters.)

Hoy Tee Toy Tee Toy (that's Leprechaun lingo); It's gonna get UGLY!
Spike Spencer

PS- Hey Charlie P. I titled it, "My Life As A Con Artist", but they edited it. I'll get it out there before long.